About Us

JDPS Asset Management are regarded as leaders in the provision of totally independent investment services to Investors who are Resident in their Home Countries as well as International Investors. We have more than 10 years of Industry Experience in serving the varied needs of Our Clients. JDPS Asset Management specialises in dealing with both Individual & Corporate clients in most Major Countries Worldwide. We currently provide Our Services to Clients in more than 60 Countries. Our Principal Regions of Activity are North and South America, Africa, Australia, China, Japan, South East Asia, the Caribbean, India, Russia, Middle East, Europe, and Scandinavia

Our Aim

Our Objectives are to Protect, Preserve and Ensure the Growth of our Client Capital and Investments over Medium and long-term periods. We use whenever possible Tax Efficient Structures to Enhance & Protect The Investment Growth achieved by the Expertise of Our Asset Managers.